Right now, I am doing a fun "experiment" and trying to take all of my friend's and my friend's mother's advice and "Just Relax".

Monday, January 17, 2011

Shutting Down and Healing

I have been thinking about this a lot the past couple of weeks and I have finally decided that I'm going to do this.

I'm shutting down this blog.

I mostly has to do with my goals for this year.

I want to heal. I feel like this blog is bitter and sad. Mostly sad with a tinge of bitter.

You are all so wonderful to me. Thank you so much. This year would have been awful if this wonderful support system hadn't been here for me. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

A new blog is in progress. When I started this one, in the naive beginning, it was for me to share crafts that I was working on, pictures that I had taken, and anything else that I wanted to share.

What I found a year ago was that starting this blog was a blessing in disguise.

There have been a couple women I know who have started their blogs and then within a year they had a baby in their arms or on the way.

What I have is as beautiful. I have a knowledge that I am not alone. I know that I am strong than I thought I was. I have learned that I am filled with love beyond my understanding. I have learned that I am divinely a mother, with or without children.

I wanted to start a blog that brought lovely things into the world. A blog that would also help me and maybe others heal.

I will keep you posted on that blog. I hope when I share it with you that you will follow me over.


  1. Phoebe, I'm sorry to read that you are done with this blog, but it sounds like it may be what is best for you. I wish you well in your healing and in your new start.

  2. It's truly understandable. I also have stopped reading IF blogs as often as before 'coz I don't want to wallow too much on the downs of IF world. Looking forward to your new blog. :-D

  3. You need to do what you need to do for you and you alone. We will miss you, but pray this time away from some negative talk will heal you and help you to 'move on' into a positive light.


  4. Will be thinking of you. Hope you are able to find the peace and healing you are seeking